How To Use The Alley-Oop Button on NBA 2K15 iOS ( ipadiphoneipod )

Will here it is NBA 2K Gamers, How to use the alley-oop button on NBA 2k15 for iOS devices. At first this feature was not on the app, I thought we might have to wait til next year to throw lobs. But 2K Sports give it to is on the new update. Now I can truly say this is by far the best basketball game over for iOS. So if you want to throw lobs watch and share this video Please like and comment and let me know what you think.

Coming soon, How to use the Alley-Oop button

So NBA 2K finally release the new Season Mode and Blacktop mode. And they add an alley-oop button. So this All-Star Weejend I’ll have an ” How to use the Alley-oop button. I’ll also have two new videos of the new updated features. 2-12-15 thur 2-15-15 “How to use the alley-oop button on NBA 2K15 for ipad/iPhone/iPod.
UPDATE: video release this afternoon.
Get ready for some sick dunks.
It’s here scroll down to watch it.