Coming soon NBA 2K15

*Update 11-05-14
Due to the fact the game is all new it’s taken longer than I thought. As of right now there is no alley-oop or a way to do an alley-oop on NBA 2K15. I’m still trying to figure it out if it is one. I’m also disappoint that this is by far the best 2k but yet it only 2stars in the App Store. THATS BULLCRAP! The one reason I see it’s only 2 stars is because if you don’t have an iPhone 5, iPhone 6 , ipad 4 and an iPad mini 2! You can not play this game. It’s kinda unfair people have waited a year just to not get a chance to play the first ever ” MY PLAYER” and break-a-away rims. But if we write to 2K Sports and let them know this I’m sure they will fix this. So I’ll have a sample video coming out then maybe I can finally have an how to throw an alley-oop video. 11-23-14

It’s about that time again 2k fans. This year NBA 2K went alll out. The first ever ” My Career” has been added, brand new graphics. Coming Nov 2 I’ll have a ” How to Dunk, How to use The Alley-Oop button, highlight dunks and putback dunks. Also what’s new on this years features. He’s the original video from 2k Sports.

New Video coming soon here’s a sample.

Hey NBA 2K Gamers, coming July 23, 2014 is a video mix of NBA 2K12/13/14 for ipad/iPhone/iPod. I’ve been working on this video for six months and recorded all of the best plays. Below is a sample video. I want this to be the best video on youtube. And I’m ready for 2K to take it to the next level for Idevices. After watching this video you’ll see why. Thank Gamers